Friday, July 6, 2012

Long May We Run

Margaret's mother died slightly more than three years ago having lost a valiant and often times desperate battle against breast cancer.  Breast cancer is an insidious, pervasive and relentless disease that kills far too many people (most of them women) and wreaks havoc on far too many families. 

Shortly after their grandmother died in early June 2009, Suzanne and her cousin Megan - Suzy B.'s two oldest grandchildren - decided that our family would hit back.  And hit back hard.  Their efforts led to the creation of Sue's Crew.  In October 2009 the inaugural edition of Sue's Crew participated in the Central/South Jersey Race for the Cure in Jackson, New Jersey.  We were neither the fastest nor the largest team assembled that morning but we more than held our own.

Breast cancer did not disappear from the Earth in the twelve months between October 2009 and October 2010.  Neither did Sue's Crew.  We had some turnover in our ranks - picking up a nice influx of first-time Crew members - but October's first Sunday again found us in the parking lot at Great Adventure ready to race for the Cure

In the contest of wills:  Sue's Crew vs. Breast Cancer, we battled it to a draw again in 2011.  It refused to go away but having made the very same pledge the third iteration of Sue's Crew gathered at Great Adventure last October to do battle against it one more time.  The composition of Sue's Crew III was not identical to either Sue's Crew I or Sue's Crew II

but it mattered not for our purpose was the same as it as always been:  we run for the name on the BACK of the shirt

Again this October we shall gather our forces and do battle against breast cancer.  This year, for reasons having everything to do with logistics and not one damn thing with politics, Sue's Crew IV shall run NOT at the Race for the Cure but at the 14th Annual Run/Walk for Mom 5K.    This event is apparently a labor of love created by and tended to annually by a man named Tim Dursee.  It was something he created in 1999 to make something good out of something profoundly bad:  the death of his mother Charlotte due to breast cancer. 

So this year instead of gathering on October's first Sunday in Jackson, New Jersey, the Crew shall do the voodoo that we do so well on October's first Saturday in Cranford, New Jersey.  If you would like to join us, we would love to have you.  All you have to do is click on the link in the preceding paragraph, register for the event and add your name to our roster.  This year indeed we shall run for Mom....

....which is what we have been doing all along anyway.  And shall continue to do for as long as it necessary to do so. 

We run for Suzy B.  Long may we run....


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