Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From One Who Does Not Bake

Today is my sister Kara's birthday.  Kara is one of the world's truly good souls.  So good in fact that when the three of us were young, Jill and I used to wonder to ourselves if Kara had somehow been dropped into our dining room by aliens or some such thing.  For she possessed then something that she has never outgrown, which is both the willingness and the ability to see a bit of good in everyone and to make something no worse than neutral out of the very worst of situations. 

The world shall always need more people like Kara.  It shall need Kara in large part because it continues to churn out people like me.  Whether I was in fact born with it and had it beaten out of me by circumstance or whether I simply did not roll off of the assembly line with that option I know not, but I do not possess my big sister's pie-eyed optimism.  One of us has a Post-it affixed to our computer on our desk at work on which these words are written:  IRISH ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE - YOU FORGET EVERYTHING....EXCEPT THE GRUDGES.  I assure you that Kara is not the proud owner of such a sign. 

There is much to be said however about one whose spirit is unbreakable.  One whose optimism is unshakable.  One whose faith in humanity is boundless.  Today I say, "Happy Birthday Stel!" Here is to hoping that today and the year that follows behind it brings to you, Russ and the boys all the happiness you deserve.  You have most certainly earned it.


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