Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is the one hundred and eighty-forth day of 2012.  It is the day that marks us as being closer to the end of this year than we are to its finish.  Thanks to the stylistic leapings of Sadie Hawkins 2012 has an extra day.  But as it is with time, we blew through that bonus day months ago. 

I spend more time than I should - wasting it I suppose - thinking about time.  Thinking about where it has gone and what I have done with it.  I am a wholly unexceptional human being.  I am not alone I reckon in that every now and again I take an accounting of the man I am, the goals I have attained, those I have not and those that have been abandoned altogether.  And I am not alone I suppose in that like many others in that every now and again I am less than ecstatic about who I see staring back at me in the mirror's reflection. 

But it is only every now and again.  And all things considered I reckon that is not too bad. 

Time the elixir.  What a concept.


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