Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Perfect Score

Twenty years ago today I had the privilege and the pleasure of being the Best Man when my very good friend Dave Joy married the love of his life Christine Hoffman.  Two decades later, theirs is indeed a house full of Joy. 

There are many who say that the secret to any successful marriage is the Best Man's toast at the wedding.  OK, there is likely no one in history who has ever said such a thing until I just did about ten words ago or so.  In my defense might I say that I have only been the Best Man at one wedding.  Thus my success rate is impeccable.  Truth be told, not even an ego as enormous as mine believes there is any causative link between what I did on one day twenty years ago and what they have done every day for the twenty years since. 

Two of my favorite people, Dave and Christine.  I am happy for them that they found one another all those years ago.  At some point today I shall turn myself in the general direction of Maryland and raise a glass in their honor.  None of it could have happened for two nicer people.

Here is to completing the first twenty and getting started penning the next chapters in your book of dreams

Much love, much luck and much continued success. 


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