Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Night to Forget All Your Troubles

I noted a couple of weeks back that the Belmar Five Mile Race is my favorite road race of my summer season because of the challenge associated with running five miles in the heat and humidity of Jersey in July.  Tonight I am taking part for the third consecutive summer in what has fast become my favorite running event of the summer. 

The Downtown Westfield 5K & Pizza Extravaganza celebrates its 11th incarnation tonight.  It is a race that begins and ends in downtown Westfield, a town where I spent a fair amount of time as a much younger man given the number of friends I had at W-H who lived there.  Truth be told my annual participation in this event will likely be the only time this summer that I get to Westfield for any reason.  So if you are to go but once you might as well make it a worthwhile trip.  I am not sure who said that but I am sure it was someone famous.  Columbus.  Queen Isabella perhaps?  It matters not.  It is a sentiment that is as true now as it was when I made it twenty-five words ago.  Probably before that even.

Last year the race was run on a suffocatingly hot, humid night.  As far as I have seen the weather this evening is predicted to be a tad more hospitable.  I doubt that it shall be cool enough for me to actually eat a slice of pizza post-race but when I pass on my share of it I shall be in the minority, I assure you. 

If history is any guide, then for the post-race eaters, post-race non-eaters and spectators alike tonight shall be a hell of a good time.   For one night at least, Petula was spot on.  It is all happening....



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