Monday, June 25, 2012

Worth the Glimpse

A lot of bad stuff goes on in this world.  Some - but not nearly all of it - gets written about here now and again.  Feel free to question the messenger but please do not shoot me.  I do not make the news.  I merely report it. 

Every now and again though life brings good news to the doorstep.  And when it does, I like to sit back, savor the moment and simply watch it unfold before my eyes.

The Missus and I spent our Saturday afternoon at a family function - an 8th graduation party for her cousin's son. The latter half of last week featured some less than exquisite weather here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  From Wednesday through Friday the feel was more "late July" than mid June.  And on Friday night, it rained so ferociously that trios of animals could be seen playing Rock, Paper & Scissors for spots on Noah's big boat.  Yet Saturday morning dawned so bright and so beautiful that one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps Mother Nature had amnesia.  She appeared to have forgotten entirely just what she had put us through for the preceding 72 hours. 

It was simply a great day to have a backyard graduation party.  And for several hours on Saturday afternoon, kids of all sizes, shapes and genders - ranging in age for five to fifteen luxuriated in it.  Margaret's cousin has a beautiful back yard including but not limited to an in-ground pool.  As the adults sat around eating, drinking and conversing the afternoon and early evening away, the kids did something really cool.  They spent it playing in the pool.  Age mattered not.  Teenager frolicked with toddler.  They laughed and hollered and had a cannonball contest.

And these glorious children of the information age - the sons and daughters of iPod, iPad and iWannaMore did all of it without a gadget in sight or a gizmo anywhere to be heard.  The only technology on display was their collective imagination - and what it created was both valuable and priceless.

I think the Missus and I had just about climbed into bed last evening - several hours later mind you - when she commented for the final time about the ear-to-ear grin on my face.  It is indeed "the little things that count".  It was nice to spend the day in the company of such excellent professors.  It made the well-presented lesson all that much easier to learn. 


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