Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Progress Report

As of this very day, Margaret and I have been married for nineteen years.  How one so wonderful puts up with one so lacking in so many of the refinements embraced by the world at large I know not.  Truth be told, I have never been brave enough to inquire.  Almost two decades in, I think I have learned that some questions should never be asked aloud. 

Margaret is the great miracle of my life.  It is likely an understatement to say that she saved my life.  It is most assuredly not an exaggeration.  Prior to falling in love with my wife among the many things that held zero interest to me was living to be as old as I am now.  The point in the exercise eluded me.  I did what I did, going through my day-to-day, and surviving.  Nothing more.  Before I fell in love with my wife I had no idea that I could want more than that out of life.  I had no idea that it was an attainable goal.  I simply had to work hard to get there.

Almost two decades in, hard work is still the order of the day.  But when one works hard in the pursuit of something - or someone - one loves, it feels not at all like work.  I do not have much of a heart (and have in fact been accused on more than one occasion of being devoid of one altogether) but I love my wife with all of it.  Without her, I would be lost.  Adrift.  With her, I am home.  At peace.

Margaret is the great miracle of my life.  And I get to live that miracle every day.  I am a far luckier man than I have any right to be....

....for a work in progress I have made out better than fine.  Happy Anniversary Honey.  Thank you for all of it.  For every single day.....


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