Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plain Sight and Blind Spots

There are days when you feel you have the world eating out of your hand.  Then there are days like yesterday.

A wise man once told me that you must always retain the ability to laugh at yourself.  If you do not an occasion will arise when you find yourself the only person in the crowded room not making a sound.  Yesterday for me had all the makings of such a day. 

Tuesday night the Missus and I were out and about later than usual.  I had picked her up from her office - having gone directly there from mine.  We took care of our business and headed home from Toms River. 

At some point - I do not remember when exactly - I lost sight of my wallet.  I tore my bag apart (or so I thought) to no avail.  Inasmuch as I did not realize that I had lost it until I was in my car ready to head out to a de bene esse deposition of a doctor at his office, which was roughly ninety minutes from my own....with about eighty-two minutes to get there - I interrupted my assistant Lucia's peace (believe me - when you work for me happiness is measured by the units of time I spend somewhere other than the office) and recruited her to take my office apart in search of it.

As she searched, I drove.  Every few minutes for the first half hour of my journey south she sent me e-mails updating me on her search.  And yes, with no driver's license or any form of identification of any kind on me (not to mention any cents red or otherwise) I was sending and receiving e-mails while I drove.  Kids!  Do Not Attempt This!  Well, do not attempt it if you drive on the same roads that I do, Margaret does or anyone else who I love and care about does.  All you folks in the Dakotas, West Virginia and Oregon feel free to do as you wish.

Lucia could not locate my wallet.  I even stopped by my own home briefly - it was kind of, sort of on my way to the doctor's office - widening out the search parameters.  Nothing.  I called Margaret to see if she had any thoughts as to where my wallet might be - other than the locations I had already checked or asked Lucia to check.  She had none. 

I spent the rest of the day cashless and walletless.  I actually adhered to the speed limit (kind of, sort of) all the way home from the doctor's office.  Upon my arrival home, I scoured the house and my car again.  Nothing. 

I went for a run.  When I completed it I decided to look yet again in my bag.  And sure enough there it was.  I suppose I shall never know where it was all day yesterday prior to finding its way back into my bag.  But it matters not.  Wherever it was, it found its way home. 

Yep.  That is exactly what happened.  'Tis my story and I am sticking to it....

....stop snickering.


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