Saturday, June 30, 2012

Marking Time

One of the truly finest humans I know is celebrating a birthday today.  Mark Bowman and I have been friends for most of our lives.  As good a man as I have ever met - the type of guy who you can go without seeing or talking to for an extended period of time but who always seems to be just where you need him when you need him.  Thankfully - and as someone who has known him just about forever I can say this with limited fear of reprisal - he is considerably mellower now that he has reached his mid-forties, settled down and become a father of twins.  Truth be told Nancy did most of the work on that last one.  There are scant few people I have ever met who work so hard that they make me feel like a slacker.  Mark is one of them.  A man most deserving of having a pint of Guinness raised in his honor.  Today I shall. 

There is nothing quite like an eagerly anticipated, highly politicized United States Supreme Court case to stimulate the world at large's interest in the judiciary; eh?  Perfect timing therefore for the good folks of Michigan to do a very smart thing and elect Bridget Mary McCormack to the Michigan Supreme Court this fall.  I have spent my entire professional life in the practice of law.  The average person probably knows at least as many lawyer jokes as he or she knows "Your Momma" jokes or "A priest, a minister and a rabbi" jokes.  Mine is a profession that has a nagging habit of making itself look bad every now and again, typically courtesy of the actions of the very few.  Think of us as "Boxing:  The White-Collar Edition". 

It is always a pleasure to see a lawyer who is a credit to the practice of law.  A lawyer who is a credit to our very profession and who makes the space she occupies better simply by virtue of doing what she does.  If the people of Michigan do not need a Justice like Dean McCormack on their state Supreme Court, then I am going home, packing up the contents of my home and moving to Detroit Rock City tomorrow.  "Call off the search Boo-Boo!  We have found the perfect place!"  Be smart:  do not take my word for it.  Read.  Learn.  Decide.....and upon further consideration perhaps Ann Arbor is more to my liking.   Although I do enjoy Eminem.  And the Red Wings.

I am as dependent on coffee and the jolt it provides to my system as any human being I know as would as soon drink a can of Dr. Pepper as a single sip of decaffeinated java but maybe, just maybe, Daniel Collins, Jr. of Teaneck, New Jersey might want to consider it.  For a day or two at least. 

I understand that reasonable minds are free to agree to disagree as to what constitutes socially acceptable behavior in shared space such as the common areas of an apartment building.  However, pulling a gun on one's neighbor and disclosing your desire to, "Put a hole in your head" simply because the guy farted in the vestibule seems JUST a bit of an overreaction.  According to the police, the two gentlemen had an ongoing dispute involving noise complaints - as if that makes what happened perfectly understandable.  Presumably, the noise in question emanated from somewhere other than Senor Stinky's nether area.  However, in the interest of full disclosure I must confess that the stories I read were both very vague on that point. 

It seems to me as if it was just fifteen minutes or so that I was eagerly anticipating the start of the long Memorial Day weekend - heralding summer's arrival, the joyous chaos that is the Spring Lake Five and Jess and Rob's visit home, which was a complete surprise for the Missus.  It was in fact a bit more than a month ago that all of the above took place.  Today heralds not the arrival of anything but rather the passage into history of the month of June. 

Yogi - Berra (not the Bear) was right.  'Round here it does indeed get late early.  Even in the time of year when the days are the longest, time is still short....

....and getting shorter.  Let us spend not one more minute of it here.


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