Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Limitations of Man

'Twas true when Josey Wales said it.  'Tis true today.  A man has got to know his limitations.  While I chafe and tug against the restraints of mine time and again, I do not live life for even an instant under the mistaken belief that such action makes me unique.  It makes me human.  Well, that and the birthmark I have on the bottom side of my right forearm.  Parenthetically when we were little Jill used to tell me that it was not a birthmark at all but merely a mark left by the bottom of the cane that our father used in his attempt to "return me to sender" upon my arrival.  I never believed her since I never saw Dad use a cane even once.  Then again, he did have one hell of a limp. 

But I digress....

If I was smarter than I am I would have a better fundamental understanding of why a group of 13 year-old kids not only thought it was "OK" to basically go all "Lord of The Flies" on their 68 year-old school bus monitor but that it was "cool" to videotape the entire encounter AND thereafter post it on YouTube.  Face-to-face humiliation is not enough any more in the 21st Century I reckon.  You have not achieved anything until you have potentially subjected another to scorn and ridicule of millions of strangers. 

Kudos to the world at large.  The little douchebags' video met with a response far different than they anticipated.  Sure it has been seen by millions but it prompted not ridicule for Karen Klein - the grandmother of eight who these little jagoffs tortured for sport - but rather scorn for her tormentors and an outpouring of support for her.  Mrs. Klein informed the local police that she shall not press criminal charges against any of those involved and shall leave the issue of meting out the appropriate measure of discipline to the school district.  Not that anyone has sought my counsel on this, but there are two elements of what I think should be a multi-faceted punishment I would love to see all of them receive that leaped immediately to mind. 

First, since all of these kids enjoy the school bus so much even after they attain their driver's licenses forbid those of them who are attending a district school at the time they get their license (presumably high school but given the aptitude of this bunch it might be 8th grade) the privilege of driving a car on campus.  Make them ride the school bus back and forth to school.  They know firsthand just how cruel a pack of 13 year-old kids can be.  In case they think that 13 year-old kids can only be cruel to 68 year-old women, just wait until they see how cruel they can be to the couple of high school seniors who still need the bus to get to/from school.  Now that is video I would enjoy watching.

Second, once the identity of the little bastards involved in this torture is established (including but not limited to the future leader of America who sat behind Mrs. Klein and kept sticking his face in the direction of the camera as he tormented her) burn as many copies of the video as needed to have one affixed to each of the offenders' school transcript.  Thus when this merry band commences the college application process five or six years from now, they need not explain to anyone what they did.  The college in question shall have video evidence of it.  And do not whine to me for one moment about how "unfair" that would be to any of them.  But for the arrogance of posting this bullshit on-line the world at large would never have learned of this incident.  Bully for you, you bullies!  You have figured out a way to extend your fifteen minutes of fame forever.  You have immortalized yourselves forever in video.

After all a picture is worth one thousand words.  Right?  


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