Friday, June 1, 2012

Farewell to Mr. Q

Here at the Firm we are girding ourselves for a loss of significance today. For the past dozen years the responsibility of balancing the calendars and the egos of dozen or so attorneys who have populated the Tort Defense/Litigation Department at Weiner Lesniak has been entrusted to one extraordinary gentleman. Today Ron Quinlan retires. There is a part of me that hopes Sunday lasts forever if for no other reason than not having to envision Monday morning and the tumult that shall arrive to fill the empty space created by Mr. Q.'s departure.

The world - pockmarked as it is by folks like me - is in perpetual need of folks like Mr. Q. He reminds us of humanity's better nature and the fact that it is real and not merely the rumor that one might believe it to be upon exposure to some of the planet's less hospitable humans....including Yours truly. He has spent the past dozen years adroitly handling the responsibilities of a job in which I would have lasted less than one half of one day. And all the while he has done it - regardless of how he may ever have been treated by someone to whom he was speaking on the phone by one or more of the attorneys here with whom he has worked - he has maintained a positive attitude. I never figured out what his secret was for refusing to let the incidents of self-created drama through which he had to wade on a daily basis get him down. I suppose now that I never shall.

Here is to hoping that a genuinely good man who I have had the privilege and pleasure of calling my friend and my colleague for the past dozen years has the chance to enjoy a long, relaxing and wonderful retirement in the company of his lovely wife Mary Jane. Good people are hard to bid farewell to....even when you know you must do so.

Safe journey Mr. Q. Thank you for absolutely all of it.

I was staying at the Westin.
I was playing to a draw
When in walked Charlton Heston
with the Tablets of the Law.
He said, “It’s still the Greatest Story”
I said, “Man I’d like to stay
But I’m bound for glory, I’m on my way.
My ride’s here…"


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