Friday, May 25, 2012

A Prayer Upon the Smiling Moon

Today kicks off the "unofficial start" of Summer 2012. If your plan for Memorial Day involves any travel at all, then please do so safely. I have come to develop a better understanding of the concept that wherever you are going, you shall in fact get there. No trip is worth dying for and since you can control only your own actions and not those of the gazillion other folks packed like lemmings into tiny metal boxes, you are the only contestant in this edition of this particular suicidal race who you can hope to effectively police. Please do not fail to do so.

Summer may very well be the time of year that more people look forward to than any other. 'Round here however the past several summers have not been kind. They have been especially rough on Margaret, Joe and Frank. Every summer since 2008 they have mourned the death of at least loved one. Last summer it was Joe's big brother Andy. In 2010 it was Margaret's Uncle Angelo - better known by all of us who knew and loved him as "Junior". In 2008, Margaret's grandmother - Nan - and Nan's younger (by one year) sister Meni died one week apart in early August. Saddest of all, it was early June 2009 that Suzy B.'s long, valiant struggle against that murderous bastard - cancer - reached its end. Enough is enough.

Life happens. Death is a part of life. I grasp the concept, f**k you very much. Over the course of the past several summers, I have borne enough pall to sustain me for rest of my life - however long or short that may be. I am a simple man. I have a simple wish. I wish to make it from Memorial Day to Labor Day without "death of loved one" popping up one time as an event on my Outlook calendar. Clearly, I want to make it much further than simply Labor Day but recent experience has reminded me that wishes are best made in small increments.

Is it too much for which to ask? I hope like hell it is not.

And not just for me and mine but for you and yours too....

The moon has a face
And it smiles on the lake
And causes the ripples in Time
I'm lucky to be here
With someone I like
Who maketh my spirit to shine


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