Thursday, May 10, 2012


Before I lay my oversized melon of a head on my pillow tonight I shall have had the chance to play my favorite, recurring role. Tonight I am transformed once again into "Airport Pick-up Guy". Fear not. I am not cruising the taxi stands at Newark Airport like some swarthy Lothario preying on unsuspecting tourists.

I am however making the short hop on 78 over to Newark Airport to pick up Suzanne. This Mother's Day, Suz is giving Margaret the gift of herself. Here, in Jersey, live and in color. Here for the first time since Christmas. To the unsuspecting eye that might seem as if it was approximately five months ago. To Margaret's, it was a lifetime ago. She has counted down the days on the calendar in eager anticipation since Suz first told her of her travel plans. Suz's flight is scheduled to land tonight at some point after 11:00 o'clock. This day's first twenty-three hours shall be among the longest of my wife's life.

I know already that the time Suz spends in the State of Concrete Gardens shall pass in an eye blink. Monday morning's airport drop-off will be here before we know it. That, however, is a concern for another day. Today is all about the arrival. That and the joy it carries with it....

....and the promise of a most Happy Mother's Day indeed.


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