Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy at Home

As the sun rises on "2012 Marathon Day + 2" I hope to continue my efforts at walking without looking as if - on horseback - I chased Geronimo across the High Plains for one hundred miles. From the time I stopped running on Sunday afternoon, I have been walking around as if auditioning for the role of Woody in "Toy Story: The Musical" Today shall be better than yesterday. By Thursday morning I shall look down at my to-be-tied shoelaces without cursing them and my decision to eschew loafers the last time I needed dress shoes. By Sunday, my running shoes will be laced up and on my feet again and I shall be back doing something I enjoy very, very much. Til then, baby steps. Stiff-legged, jarring baby steps but baby steps nonetheless.

So this year Kentucky Derby Day falls on Cinco de Mayo and what horse wins the annual Run for the Roses? A horse named, "I'll Have Another" of course. His win was not a monumental upset although at 15:1 he paid off fairly handsomely for anyone who bet on him. As I have written in this space previously, among the many things about which I know nothing is horse racing. However, Saturday's Derby serves to prove yet again that truth is often stranger than and much funnier than fiction. "I'll Have Another" is a great name for a horse and had I known a horse with a moniker as mantra was running in Saturday's race I would have found a way to plunk down a sawbuck on him.

Finally, as those who have known me for a number of years and/or have read this space for at least the past three years know, for a brief period of time in early 2009 I left the Firm to ply my trade someplace else. For a myriad of reasons, the move did not work. It was on this very day three years ago that my law partner and friend Howard Brechner called me to tell me that the attorney who had been brought in to take my place had just come into Howard's office to tell Howard that he was resigning his position at the Firm - effective May 22, 2009.

Since I had missed being at the Firm and the Firm had missed me, how about we rectify that situation - effective May 26, 2009 was what Howard wanted to know. That brief phone conversation then set off a chain of events that played out like something out of a Hollywood "B" movie spy caper. It is an afternoon that to this day both Howard and I laugh about whenever we discuss it. As soon as I returned, it felt good to be home.

Three years after I made the decision to do so, it still does.


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