Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Five Words

A disadvantage of not being particularly bright is that it takes me a bit longer to catch on to those things that those around me who are not so handicapped are far better equipped to respond to and to process. It is a life lesson that has presented itself to me far too many times to count. It presented itself in its most recent iteration on Sunday.

Approximately one month ago - while training for this Sunday's New Jersey Marathon - I injured my leg. I took the same approach to that particular injury as I have to most maladies and ailments that have confronted me: I popped a dozen Advil a day for about a week or so and awaited the magical results that those little orange beauties often bring. This time however not so much.

Anyway, as we head into the home stretch of marathon preparation the discomfort in my leg had squarely placed itself in the forefront of my mind. Its placement there was most unwelcome. Candidly I was not entirely confident in my ability to evict it.

Thankfully, in this space on Sunday I mentioned my ever-increasing consternation. In response to my "share" I heard from a long-time, very good friend of mine who, in turn, bestowed some excellent advice upon me: Stop worrying and just run. Considering the unimpeachable quality of this particular font of advice, I hesitated not at all in following it. Yesterday morning - for the first time in too many mornings to count - I woke up feeling no pain at all in my left leg. Did it go away overnight or did I simply unwedge my head from my ass far enough to allow it to move from front and center to a space in a less obtrusive corner of my mind? I know not and care even less. The goal remains what it has been since I first embarked on this silliness in January 2011: a finishing time of four hours or less. I shall either achieve my goal or I shall not. Either way, no excuses. Just run.

Five words. Proof that one need not use a lot of words to convey wisdom effectively.

Hmmm....that is advice I should learn to heed on a far more regular basis.


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