Monday, May 21, 2012

The Doctor is Out

Well I hadn't intended to bend the rules
But whiskey don't make liars,
It just makes fools
So I didn't mean to say it
but I meant what I said.

A lifetime ago when we were students at CU-Boulder my good friend and roommate Jay Bauer and I would posit the idea time and again of what life would be like if for just one day you could do or say anything without being too concerned about the consequences of what you did or said. Usually we had this conversation when we were deep into an evening's carousing. If memory serves, on at least one occasion we took our theory out for a test drive....usually when we were deep into an evening's carousing. And if memory serves, we usually found our social experiment to be a damn sight more entertaining than did those who were in our company.

Apparently our problem was poor writing. Eight years ago FOX introduced America to the irascible Gregory House, M.D. While he has had more than his share of personal crises during his run, Dr. House has been a consistently popular fellow in terms of eyeballs to the sets ever since Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital opened its doors. Far more popular than Bauer and I were I assure you. Well, more popular than me anyway.

Tonight the television program that made Hugh Laurie a "house"hold (Yes, pun intended) name shall air its final episode. If you have ever watched an episode of it, then you appreciate the propriety of its title, "Everybody Dies". Margaret and I have been watching it since the beginning and since it is - much like Law & Order - on somewhere on the TV dial any hour of any day, we have seen most episodes too many times to count. We shall watch tonight's swan song. And we shall miss it once it ends later this evening.

House - the character - reminds me quite a lot of my oldest brother Bill in that both are intense, wickedly bright people with little use and even less tolerance for idiots. Both blessed with the ability that most of us simply do not possess to see about six or seven steps ahead of where everybody else is, which gives them a leg up in terms of problem-solving and not everyone's first choice for traveling companion. Being right is more important than being popular. That is an understated skill....

....and it is one that shall be missed on Monday nights. Thanks for the memories Dr. House.


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