Thursday, May 24, 2012

Distances of Ever-Varying Lengths

In a manner of speaking, today heralds the unofficial beginning of summer for me. Tonight in Somerville New Jersey the Somerset County Bar Foundation puts on its annual 5K race. I think that The Legal Runaround has been a going concern for close to a decade now. For me, tonight marks the third time I have taken part in it. Margaret is making the hop over to the Ville too this evening I do believe. She likes this event because it is close to home (about a ten minute drive), it is run at a reasonable hour (7:00 p.m. as opposed to anything a.m.) and the post-race party is catered. In short, it has much to offer for the discriminating Race Mom. As per usual, Gidg shall join me on the starting line (we do not actually stand on the starting line for that is where the fast runners stand but rather a comfortable distance from that rarified air). I think that tonight we shall be joined by the late, great Big Man's 2nd favorite sax player. Barring any sort of scheduling issue, I expect to see Liv there tonight too.

I have no idea what the weather shall be in Somerville this evening. Last year it was hot and dry. Two years ago it rained so hard just after the race started that I could not decide whether to run to the finish or start to backstroke. We tend to gather up more than our alloted share of humidity in the State of Concrete Gardens this time of the year and if the conditions are just right - or horribly wrong - it all depends upon one's perspective I reckon - then the excess humidity can manifest itself in the form of rain. And lots of it. Two years ago the rain would have been tolerable but for the fact that it brought its cousins thunder and lightning to town with it. I take on faith that among the many things I likely am not faster than is a lightning bolt. Two years ago in this very race I came closer than I hope to ever do so again to finding out that question's answer for certain.

While I enjoy this little get-together and it really does get me ramped up for the summer - beginning with Saturday morning's Spring Lake 5 - this year will be different than the past two years. This is the one event annually - in addition to her leadership role on Sue's Crew - in which I would get to run with Suz. She was there with me on the pitch black streets of Somerville in 2010 when we ran between lightning strikes and walked between the raindrops simultaneously. And she was there last year too when all we had to do was worry about the race thanks to Mother Nature's decision to put on a happy face for the evening. At gun time tonight though she will be 1800 miles or so southwest of the starting line. That is simply too much distance to cover.... least in a race as short as a 5K.


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