Monday, May 7, 2012

A Day's Long Journey

Yesterday Gidg and I took our second shot at the New Jersey Marathon. While both of us finished with a time slightly off our respective times from last year, it was nevertheless a hellaciously fine day. A day well-spent.

I came to appreciate yesterday just how inane my reaction to my effort last year in this race had been. I spent so much time last year lamenting my "failure" to finish by a certain time that I undersold not only my effort and Gidg's effort but also the effort of everyone else who ran. Worse yet, it undersold everything Margaret, Lynne, Bob, Laura and her kids did in terms of supporting us. It was idiocy. Plain and simple.

At about the fifteen mile mark yesterday my mind failed me a bit. While I eventually got my mental mojo back together at or about mile nineteen, the one-man wrestling match I participated in with my psyche for the better part of 40-45 minutes was not much fun. There was more than one moment out there that I had to work hard to talk myself into continuing to put one foot in front of the other. What served as my motivation? Making it to Margaret. I knew that at some point she, Lynne, Bob and Jeff would be at the finish line waiting for Gidg and me. I also knew that the only way to get from where I was to where she would be waiting for me was to continue running. Fear may be a great motivator. I was reminded yesterday that love kicks fear's ass six ways to Sunday. Best of all, on Sunday it kicks fear's ass twice.

A great surprise yesterday was the presence of Kara, Russ and Jordan about a half-mile from the finish line. Russ ran in the half-marathon yesterday and the three of them stuck around waiting for what likely was several hours to watch me. Margaret knew that they were going to be there but she and Kara decided not to tell me. I saw Jordan first, standing against the spectator rail holding up a handmade sign that read, "Keep Going Uncle Ad"....and I did. Margaret and I were driving home from Lynne's after the race when Kara sent us a picture of J and his sign

One hell of a sight to see after so many miles completed and a final few exhausted steps left to complete the journey. At times it was difficult. Yet ultimately it was rewarding and extremely satisfying. A day well spent.


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