Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breathing Deep

Life is what it is. It is a series of days piled back to back upon one another. Days that are unique. Days that - one hopes anyway - not uniformly bad. We all have rain fall into our lives now and again. We need it. No one wants a drought. But drowning is not a hell of a lot of fun either. Ask anyone.

I arise this morning uncertain what today shall bring - although considering that at some point in time Rob and Jess are going to pull off a follow-up "Surprise!" on Grandpa Joe I have a reasonable expectation today is going to be pretty damn cool. While I hope it is, its fineness or lack thereof shall bear not at all upon the fact that yesterday was an extraordinary day.

Life it what it is. You may not know from one day to the next what awaits you. It may seem at times to be an unfair ride. Do what you can to make it through those days. For when you get to the other side of one and unwrap a day such as the one the Missus and I enjoyed yesterday, it will serve to give you strength to endure the next time you bite down hard into a shit sandwich.

May we all get to enjoy such a day - at least - now and again. We have most certainly earned it.


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