Thursday, May 3, 2012

And the Sound of Knuckles Dragging

Dave Lackland is one of the best people I know. One of the great benefits of life in the 21st Century and all of this "social networking" silliness has been that it has enabled me to reconnect with Dave. It is my pleasure and my privilege that he refers to me as his friend.

Dave, his Missus and their bouncing bundle of boy baby joyness Indy live a considerable distance from me. They are deeply ensconced down in what those of us who live in the Northeast might think of as Jimmy Buffett country - the Florida Keys. He and his family live in a part of the world where humans interact up close and personal like with a fairly spectacular array of other creatures, including but not limited to the iguanas whose adventures Dave shares with the rest of us now and again right here. One would think that living in such close proximity to a such a multitude of other creatures would inure to the benefit of the bipeds who inhabit the region. One might even think that said bipeds might take advantage of the fact that having chosen to make their home in an area whose native inhabitants - having missed the vote on whether to allow humans to invade their space - nevertheless continue to present them with viewing opportunities reserved only for zoo trips for the rest of us.

Sadly, when I read Dave's most recent report from the Keys, I was reminded that among the shiftiest, sneakiest and most mean-spirited inhabitants of this planet are those of us of the human persuasion. Not all of us of course. That Hawking fellow seems just fine - ditto for that Dalai Lama dude. But walking among us are certifiable pieces of dreck. Utter asshats who act like bullies simply because they can. Upon reading Dave's homage to his friend, I came away with the inescapable conclusion that these assholes are starting to wear him down.

I remain confident however that even if they have bent his resolve for the time being that they shall not break it. While I realize his home is now in Paradise, he is from Jersey after all. At his core he is far stronger than they are. Thus, I hope Dave continues to do what he does in his little part of the world, bonding with and championing the cause of Carl and the rest of the crew. They need him. Whether the morons who share his postal code realize it, those of us of the human persuasion need him even more.

At least now and again (hey I do not want to set the bar at a height that proves impossible to hit) us humans need to aspire to be something better than simply occupiers of space. We need to suppress the urge to channel our inner Kardashian and make a positive impact on the world around us. It is something that a number of us, including the ever-graying man whose face I see in the bathroom mirror every morning, need to be better at than we presently are.

Thankfully, it is something that a number of us, including a certain lizard-loving benevolently crazy spirit who goes by the handle Iguana Dave, work hard at every day. Their experience serves to guide and to teach those of us who need to do better just how to get there.


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