Sunday, April 1, 2012

Son Shine

My handwriting is not improving with age, although the subject of today's piece most assuredly is. For both of those reasons (and in the interest of preserving his vision for more important things) I reproduce here what is scribbled in my "Boy if I had known any science I could have been a doctor because my penmanship sure is bad enough" handwriting on the birthday card that made the journey West in honor of Rob's birthday:

A couple of years ago - when you were home for Suz's graduation party celebrating her Master's - you and I had a conversation in the garage about which I think often.

You - at the ripe, young age of 24- expressed amazement that I was 26 when I married Mom and became a dad. I told you then that in life there are thing for which you cannot plan. Stuff just happens. You cannot force it. You can only hope to be ready when it does.

At the time you seemed unsure that what I spoke of could ever happen to you.

I note with great joy that you are now 26 - an age at which good things happen. I reckon you have it figured out just fine.

Take care of each other.

Happy Birthday and much love....


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