Monday, April 2, 2012

The Left-Handed Kids Are Alright

Opening Week in the Major Leagues has arrived. Wednesday night the St. Louis Cardinals (sans Albert Pujols) begin defense of their World Series title against the Miami (do not call us "Florida") Marlins in the latter's brand-spanking new ballpark. Sage investment by the way - a new ballpark and new name for the Marlins. If winning two World Series championships in the first quarter-century or so of the franchise's existence has never been enough to make residents of the greater Miami-Dade Metroplex baseball fans, a new name and place at which to not watch the games ought to do the trick. At least for one season anyway.

While I cannot even pretend to give a rat's ass about the Marlins, I am very pleased to see that Jamie Moyer has earned a spot in the pitching rotation of the Colorado Rockies. Moyer shall make his first start of the season on April 7 against the Houston Astros. The first time he wins a game, he shall make history. Forty-nine years old. A truly remarkable story.

And more than that. He is a person who all of us, irrespective of gender, race or even rooting interest can root for. “If I can inspire people to work out, to have a better attitude and not give up, that’s great,” Moyer said. “It’s all about taking advantage of opportunities. And this is a great opportunity.”

At some point between now and Moyer's first start on April 7, do yourself the great favor of reading Jeff Caple's piece on "The Jamie Moyer 49" is time well spent.

As a Yankees fan I am thrilled beyond words by the prospect of the return of a certain 39 year-old lefty to the Big Ballpark in the Bronx. As a baseball fan, I shall make it my business to carve out enough space in the little burnt ember in my chest masquerading as a heart to root equally well for Moyer.

I am doing it not for either of them but for me. I would like very much to be like either of them when I grow up, which I am not entirely inclined to do. For that I make no apology, neither Moyer nor Pettitte appears to be in a particular rush to do so. Why, therefore, should I?

For present purposes, these kids are alright.


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