Thursday, April 19, 2012


Before someone alerts the spelling police in a tizzy, I am compelled to point out that the misspelling in the title of today's silliness is one of deliberate design. Unclinch your ass cheeks and unknot your knickers.

It was four years ago on this very date that this little slice of life was launched. It remains faithful to its original purpose, which was to serve as a pressure release valve for the things and voices waging war in my head. As long as it does so, it shall continue. It is - as are most things in my day-to-day - all about me. I write because this place serves as a platform for me to share aloud those things that interest and amuse me and to shout aloud those things that offend and infuriate me. It remains a great mystery to me why anyone reads what is written here. Well, I suspect that my brothers and sisters do because perhaps Mom has asked them to do so. Something akin to, "Be nice to your little brother." And I suspect that my kids do in the hope that if either ends up stuck having to visit me in the home at life's end, they will at least have 6 or 7 minutes of something about which to talk.

This space exists because maintaining its existence requires discipline and I, like many of us I reckon, have a need for discipline and order in my day-to-day. Human beings being animals and animals being creatures of habit, I suspect that I shall have such a need for the remainder of my life. Of that I am certain. I am less so that this place shall remain inviolate the locale at which that need is fulfilled. Forever is a mighty long time. As the great Pete Hamill wrote, "Time itself is long, even if the time of man is short."

Mine, like yours, grows shorter with the dawning of each new day. Thank you for choosing to spend a couple of moments now and again right here. It is something that I do not understand but, nevertheless, I appreciate it. Whether there shall be a fifth anniversary edition of this blog I know not. However, I know there shall be a "fourth year, second day" edition.

See you tomorrow. One step further on up the road.


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