Friday, April 20, 2012

Dogs and Bones

For any number of reasons this week has felt as if it has dragged on interminably. My reaction to having finally arrived at Friday? It is about effing time.

If you need further evidence that the campaign for the Republican nomination is all but over, then look at the amount of time and space devoted this week in media outlets nationwide on "Canine-Gate" as the first big issue of the Fall campaign. Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, has copped to strapping the family dog in his crate (the dog's - not Mitt's) to the roof of the Romney family's station wagon when the Von Romneys trundled off on vacations. Obama, the incumbent Democrat, has copped to eating dog as a child when he lived in Indonesia. To paraphrase Jimmy Kimmel, we have now reduced the campaign for the Presidency of the United States to "Team Strap Him to the Roof" versus "Team Strap Him to the BBQ Spit". Lucky us.

Perhaps it is only me - I hope not - but the notion of a dozen or so Secret Service agents in a nice, safe, bucolic place such as Colombia for the stated purpose of doing preparatory work for President Obama's trip there spending as much if not more time trying to figure out how to get their knobs polished than doing their jobs is more than mildly irritating. And inasmuch as one presumes that those agents assigned to the Presidential Detail have at least a rudimentary-level amount of observational skills, I cannot decide whether to be amused or outraged by the claim that none of the agents realized that the young Colombian women who they were having no difficulty whatsoever picking up in the hotel bar was a hooker. Really?

Every time I hear Ted Nugent speak I think how fortunate we all are to live in a country that values free speech. But for his Constitutional protections, Nugent might actually be reticent to give voice to this inane thoughts. In these United States he is free to expound upon them. The rest of us are free to consider them and then - in the case of those of us who live a comfortable distance from him - thank the lords of geography for the buffer between him and us. Perhaps the most positive thing that I glean from Nugent's interest in all things political is that it lessens the amount of time available to him to churn out the dreck he calls music. I read somewhere earlier this week that the Secret Service intends to speak to Nugent about some comments he made about President Obama last week. Note to the Secret Service: when you arrive at Nugent's home, the women he introduces to you as his "sisters" and with whom he offers to fix you up on a "date" are NOT his sisters. I am just trying to be helpful here. There is no indication that the Secret Service employs agents who are any better at recognizing Michigan hookers than they are Colombian hookers.

The Yankees are in Boston this weekend to play the Red Sox. The first game of the series today shall serve as a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park. A visit to Fenway Park to watch a game remains one of the unfulfilled items on my bucket list. Kudos to Major League Baseball for getting this right. The best rivalry in North American sports is precisely how this anniversary should be observed. I read something on-line yesterday morning that while he had initially said he was not going to attend the celebration, former Sox Manager Terry Francona had reconsidered and now does intend to be at Fenway for the festivities. From afar, Francona seems to me to be a good man who got a raw deal on his way out the door in Boston. "Unnamed sources" within the organization were far too happy to throw him under the bus for their September implosion. Gutless. Truly gutless.

In view of how swimmingly the Bobby Valentine Managerial Experience has done so far, perhaps the Sox have invited Francona to come for the pre-game ceremony...

....and stay to manage the game.


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