Friday, April 13, 2012

As the new issue of Rolling Stone lies neatly in my Mailbox

Boy oh boy - it is Friday the 13th! The favorite day of cynical, superstitious Irishmen everywhere. Or one such individual anyway. Sorry, I tend towards hyperbole now and again.

It is entirely possible that this occasion of the most inherently unlucky day on the calendar shall pass without incident. Today is after all the day on which the Bronx's best apostles commence the home portion of the 2012 season. The day shall be marked by the presence of recently-retired Yankees legend - and more significantly (to me anyway) one of my favorite players - Jorge Posada at the Stadium. Posada shall throw out the ceremonial first pitch....and soak up the applause and affection of a capacity crowd, using their voices to speak for all of us who cannot be there to express our appreciation to Jorge for a career well spent in pinstripes.

Until he makes his first appearance at Old-Timers Day, this might mark the last time for quite some time that one shall hear, "Hip Hip Jorge!" cascading throughout the Stadium. Here is to hoping that whether you are listening on radio or watching on TV that neither Sterling nor Kay crowds the moment by talking over it. Apropos of nothing, you would get better odds on a Kansas City Royals vs. Houston Astros World Series matchup than you would on Messrs. Sterling and Kay's syncopated silence.

If you are going to be present at the Stadium today, enjoy. I hope that the weather cooperates and that the action on the field turns out in favor of the home team. If you are like me and shall be spending your Friday simply getting through your day-to-day, then be careful out there....

....'tis Friday the 13th after all. Trouble very well may be waiting to happen.


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