Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Are Alive

Given that I reasonably anticipate that my Alma mater's stay in the NCAA Tournament shall last no longer than the time it takes to complete the game tonight against UNLV, this shall likely be the final time until next year (presuming that there is anything about which to cheer) that I shall devote this space to them. While I am here, please note that not only are the Buffaloes the Pac-12 champions in Mens' Basketball and the 3rd place finisher in the recently-completed NCAA Skiing Championships but they are kicking ass and taking names off of the field of play as well. Not less than ten of CU's graduate school programs earned Top Ten rankings in the 2013 Edition of U.S. News & World Report's "Top Graduate Schools" including the CU Boulder atomic/molecular/optical physics program, which is ranked No. 1, tied with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And while I have not seen MIT's hoops team in action, I am fairly confident that the Buffs would pummel them. After all, how tall is the average 11 year-old physics prodigy anyway?

The one and only time I checked the point spread for tonight's game was Tuesday morning. Danny Sheridan of USA Today listed the Runnin' Rebels as a 4 1/2 point favorite. Prior to yesterday afternoon, I knew nothing about this year's UNLV team other than during the regular season they defeated the University of North Carolina (a/k/a the #1 Seed in the Midwest Region). While we did not play UNC this season - and I have a hard time constructing the scenario under which we could defeat them if we did - we vanquished UNO in late December. For the uninitiated, UNO is the University of New Orleans. A team not often confused for UNC. If ever. However after reviewing President Obama's bracket I learned that while he is a (D), for purposes of CU v. UNLV he is on (R) side, which is to say he is not on OUR side. Perhaps he is still sore that I voted for McCain in 2008? Dude, let it go already. Everybody else voted for you.

If the Buffs live to fight another day I shall be quite happy. Candidly, if their season ends tonight I shall be disappointed for the kids and the coaches but will otherwise be just fine. They fought their way into the March Madness sandbox this year by winning games on four consecutive days, which ensured that the great snubbing of 2011 would not have an encore performance - a sentiment captured in one of the best sports editorial cartoons I have seen in a long time (drawn by Drew Litton of the Boulder Daily Camera for the March 11, 2012 edition of the paper):

As Julius Caesar himself learned, the key to the Ides of March is not being alive when the day begins but rather when it ends. Will the Buffs still be standing when today is deposited into history's dustheap? I know not. But for now they are. Standing shoulder to shoulder....

....and heart to heart.


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