Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nathan's Famous....

Anyone expecting a missive about the most famous frankfurter to emerge from Coney Island is about to be (g)astronomically disappointed. Me? I am a Nedick's guy. My favorite thing to do as a little boy was take the NJ Transit train out of New Brunswick to Penn Station NYC with Dad so that we could watch the Rangers play. On the trip upstairs from the train platform to the Garden we would stop at the Nedick's hot dog stand. Happiness was Nedick's hot dog and a Rangers game. Bliss was whenever an Orange Julius was added to the mix. I smile still simply thinking about it.

The Nathan to which I refer is the late American writer and drama critic George Jean Nathan. He was the source of my senior quote in my high school yearbook, which quote I co-opted brazenly from my hero Matt Albano (who had used it as his quote four years earlier). His words stare me in the face every day as I work. Framed as they are on the wall next to my desk and slightly above and to the left of my computer screen.

I fear that while I do an adequate job of seeing them daily I do less so at adhering to them. I could use to do better. Perhaps you could too?

My code of life and conduct is simply this:
Work hard, play to the allowable limit,
Disregard equally the good and bad opinions of others
Never do a friend a dirty trick....
Never grow indignant of anything....
Live the moment to the utmost of its possibilities,
Treat one's enemies with polite inconsideration,
Avoid persons who are chronically in need,
And be satisfied with Life always,
But never with one's self.

I shall give it a shot today. It is still early. I might just have time to pull it least for the day.


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