Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lost between Tomorrow and Yesterday

This time next week is St. Patrick's Day. Rah. 'Tis amateur hour the Spring Edition....not to be confused with the banality that is New Year's Eve (although given the resemblance between the two any error is understandable). I have been Irish every day of the forty-five years and counting I have spent on this Earth. I have imbibed an adult beverage (or in some cases far more than just one) on a reasonably high number of those days. Yet the first thing that comes to mind when I think of St. Patrick's Day is the way in which people co-opt it into an excuse to not simply celebrate and have a good time but to act like unbridled, stupefied morons. Free piece of legal advice to this year's crop of CTB (Cretins To Be), "But it's Saint Paddy's Day" is NOT a viable defense to a public intoxication and/or driving while intoxicated charge. Just sayin'.

Tomorrow is Selection Sunday. At or about 6:00 Eastern Daylight Time (remember to set those clocks ahead one hour tonight before going "night night" - and in honor of the impending tweaking of the time-space continuum and for Rob and Margaret a little something from the Brothers Davies) tomorrow evening the field will be announced for the 2012 Mens' Basketball Championship Tournament. I look forward to this event every year. Not because I watch a lot of college hoops. I do not. Even as my Alma mater has actually morphed into a respectable, representative team under the guidance of Coach Tad Boyle, whose feet should be glued to the floor of the Events Center if need be to prevent him from ever leaving Boulder, I have watched less than 30 minutes of college basketball all season.

I love March Madness because Selection Sunday heralds the arrival of the annual Office Pool. With the exception of the first year I was here at WL (the first time around way back when in '98) I have run a pool every year for the past fifteen or sixteen years. I have never come close to winning and if history is any guide, whichever team I select as my winner will be back on campus watching the final two weeks of the tournament on television.

I enjoy the Pool for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that in the past several years I have enveloped my family in it so that not only does Rob play (he finished 2nd several years ago) but Suz and Margaret have both started to as well. Last year I know not where I finished in the overall standings but I finished fourth out of four in our familial mini-bracket. The "Road to the Encore" begins Thursday afternoon I suppose.

My single favorite thing about overseeing the pool is that a significant number of people at the Firm play. It is set up as is the tournament itself in that it is a winner-take-all affair. My role as the organizer is to keep track of the results, provide terribly witty (or simply terrible) weekly updates and at the end of the festivities present the victor with his/her spoils. I enjoy overhearing the good-natured ribbing that invariably pops up in the office during the latter half of March as co-workers critique each other's selections and have some fun at one another's expense. A law firm can be a fairly high-stress environment in which to work - or so I have been told. It is nice that for a couple of weeks anyway, those who opt in to participating in the madness that is March have something to discuss with one another that is entirely unrelated to work.

May the descent into Madness begin....


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