Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Sittin' Around Waitin' For My Life To Begin

Happy Birthday to one of the coolest chicks I know. Jill's name has appeared in this space before, and in case you feel the need to hunt down proof of her coolness you may turn here for it. Discretion being the better part of valor, I shall not name numbers as it were. That information belongs to her to share, not to me.

Unless the good folks from the CU Alumni Association are messing with my head, this coming Sunday heralds the arrival of Daylight Savings Time. Happiness is an extra hour of daylight. Its arrival means that we have made it through another winter's worth of "out and back" under the cover of darkness. The opportunity to see what one's home looks like in the light of day shall actually present itself again in only a few short days.

While "additional daylight Sunday" is enough of a present in and of itself, it is also this year "Selection Sunday" for the NCAA Mens' Basketball Championship (a/k/a "March Madness"). If you do - as I do - the oversight duties for one of the nine gazillion March Madness pools that shall pop up all over the place this month, then you shall appreciate that additional hour of daylight as much as I do. It is about to get damn busy in these parts.

Sadly, although I have managed a Pool for close to the past two decades I have never come close to winning the damn thing. Not once. Not ever. If history teaches us anything - and it often does - it is that this year shall be no different. I am in fact so bad at picking college basketball games that I do not view what I do as gambling. Rather, at the start of the tournament I am simply making a donation to as of yet to be determined charity.

The lengthening of days also always signals the fact that baseball season is right around the corner. Opening Day in MLB this year is Wednesday, April 4, which means as of today we are less than thirty days from first pitch. Of all the year's seasons, it is baseball that is my favorite.

Better days are shining through....


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