Friday, March 16, 2012

Infinite Wisdom?

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein

And away we go....

The longest-running road show in modern American political history continued its national stagger tour this week. Thanks to the people in Alabama and Mississippi casting their votes for Rick Santorum it appears as if the GOP shall select its nominee at some point between Columbus Day and Halloween. How anyone can actually vote for Santorum is mind-boggling to me. Perhaps his appeal among the party faithful is that he is the only quasi-legitimate candidate who has an actual adult-sounding name. He is running against "Mitt" and "Newt" for crying out loud. I am aware that Congressman Ron Paul remains in the Republican field but considering that Les Paul had a better chance of becoming President than Ron Paul ever has, he does not really count for purposes of this analysis. Hell, even dead Les Paul still has a better chance of getting elected President than does Ron Paul.

Speaking of the Republican primary election death march, did you see where just the other day the Romney campaign asked Bruce Springsteen for permission to use one of his songs at his rallies and other gatherings? In keeping with the prevalent theme of his candidacy Romney asked not for "We Take Care of Our Own" or "Land of Hope and Dreams" (both of which are tracks on Springsteen's new Wrecking Ball CD). He asked instead for permission to use a song from the Tunnel of Love record. His folks feel that "One Step Up" not only resonates with Romney's supporters but accurately captures the spirit of the campaign.

Closer to home, our State capital has a bridge that is known to many as the "Trenton Makes" bridge due to the large neon letters attached to it declaring, "TRENTON MAKE - THE WORLD TAKES". Apparently among the things that it came percariously close to being impossible to take in certain City buildings - such as City Hall, the Police Department and senior centers - was a good old #2. Yep. The Trenton City Council apparently refused to vote on three separate occasions last year on the contract to furnish paper supplies - such as toilet paper - to City buildings. Presumably since the product in question is paper-based those in the know in Trenton city government figured it grew on trees or some such thing.

What seemed "Ha ha! Funny funny!" in the fall was far less so in early March. Thankfully, just before the sh*t hit the fan - and countless other objects - the crisis was averted. I would like to disagree with City Council President McBride's assessment of her performance and that of her colleagues but I cannot. She was quoted in Wednesday's paper, "Today all over the world we are the laughingstock not only of this nation but of the world and that, in and of itself, should send us a message that we need to get our act together because today was just an example of how the rest of the world views us."

Perhaps had that epiphany occurred to Council President McBride and her fellow Council members way back when in the fall they could have avoided laughingstock status - or at least achieved it through other means. There is always next time.

Einstein was right. Madness may be seasonal but stupidity? Stupidity shall go on forever. We the people are here to see that it does.


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