Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger and Service

To steal a line from Dave Grohl if I might - I've got another confession to make. Until I was subjected along with the rest of the English-speaking world to the relentless advertising campaign for The Hunger Games I had never heard of it - in any form - and still have no goddamn idea what all the bother is about regarding this movie. Then again, until hearing her name associated with this film, which I think opens this weekend, I had no idea who Jennifer Lawrence was either. Perhaps the information superhighway will make its way to my house someday? Perhaps. Perhaps a team of wild horses sufficiently big and strong enough to drag me to the theatre to see this film will also appear at my front door? Considerably less likely. I think I shall beat the crowds and save eight bucks by ordering The Running Man from Netflix and call it an evening. Richard Dawson! Richard Freakin' Dawson! 'Nuff said.

While it is slightly more than a week away I am already looking forward to how the Missus and I shall spend next Saturday night. I do not pretend to be the most learned consumer of live theatre (be it plays or musicals) but I know what I like. One of my favorite plays is "Twelve Angry Men". A production of it, which has received rave reviews for whatever that is worth, is playing at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick through April 8. Margaret is excited to see it too. I hope that seeing a play about a jury will assuage some of the hurt she recently experienced firsthand regarding jury duty.

We live in Middlesex County. Approximately six weeks ago she received a Jury Duty Notice from the Superior Court for Monday March 19. The Notice instructed her to call a particular phone number at any time after 5:00 p.m. on Friday the 16th to confirm whether she had to report. She was excused. And she was crushed. While you and I might view jury duty as an interminable chore, my wife enjoys it. She has no ax to grind one way or another (Hell I can say with total confidence that if she was on a jury of mine and thought that based upon the evidence my client deserved to be gored, she would lead the charge) but simply views jury service as an honorable, worthwhile endeavor. Simply put, my bride and Susan Cole shall never be mistaken for each other.

Cole should be happy that we live in New Jersey. She certainly would not want to see Margaret on the jury determining her fate. The phrase "Frontier justice" might make a comeback in the criminal justice parlance in Colorado's state court system if Mrs. Kenny ever got her hands on Ms. Cole....

....poor sucker would never know what hit her.


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