Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fools Rush In

Final Four Saturday! Can you feel the excitement? No? I bet you could if you were my wife and were preparing to root, root, root for (well not quite the) home team, which for today's purposes is her now-beloved Louisville.

I bet if you were a dialysis patient in Georgetown, Kentucky you would be feeling it too. Nothing like two dialysis-dependent senior citizens throwing down on one another in the midst of some college hoops trash talking. Especially when that trash is being talked while one of them is hooked up to the dialysis machine and the other is waiting his turn for it.

I always feared that if/when I read a story concerning one patient at a dialysis clinic opening a keg of whoop ass on another one that it would be my great friend Lonnie administering the whooping. Phew. On a perhaps not-entirely-unrelated topic she sent me an e-mail the other morning in which she mentioned that she might be moving to Kentucky.

The Missus and I are spending a bit of our day down in 'Squan. Today is the Fool's Run, so named because of its proximity annually to April Fools Day. It is not to be confused with the "Run for Fools", also known as the New Jersey Marathon, which is a bit more than a month away. Manasquan is a great town in which to run. It is essentially pancake flat (think Kansas with significantly better sights to see) and road races through its streets are always incredibly well-supported.

The Fool's Run is a 5K. Considering that my training run tomorrow morning for the Run for Fools will likely be 6K times longer than today's event, I am looking forward to this morning's race quite a lot. I am looking forward to tomorrow's training run considerably less so. As I continue on a path where angels fear to tread.... if an angel and I would ever be mistaken for one another.


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