Saturday, February 4, 2012

Storm Fronts

Tough couple of days for the good folks of Colorado (including but not limited to two in the Fort Collins area of whom I am especially fond). Mother Nature has offloaded a tractor trailer's worth of kegs of whoop ass. In Boulder, the weather brought life to a screeching halt. Heck, CU even cancelled classes yesterday. I checked my Alumni calendar to see whether the cancellation was in honor of my birthday (as a couple of my wise-ass college friends intimated it might have been as the University finally caught up with me seeing as how I never went to class on my birthday - and had an admittedly liberal attendance policy on most other days as well). Far-fetched? CU does have a dining establishment at the UMC on campus named for "Colorado's Cannibal". If Alferd G. Packer can get an establishment named in his honor, is one lousy day in my honor so hard to believe? That question was rhetorical. You need not sit in front of your computer nodding your head and/or mouthing the word "Yes".

Boulder County was not the only part of the state to get pounded by snow. All along the Front Range - from Denver north to the Wyoming border - snow was being measured not in inches but in feet. Not a fun couple of days for the folks out there. Not at all.

Perhaps Mother Nature was simply trying to save them all from the gathering mass of hot air that has moved West from Florida in anticipation of Tuesday's Republican Caucuses. In an effort to keep the Four Dense Men of the Apocalypse away from its residents, Mother Nature amassed her forces at Colorado's eastern border. You cannot blame a girl for trying; right?

Too bad her timing was off. She was - as they say in the trades - a day late and a dollar short. Had she unleashed her fury a couple of days earlier, she might have been able to at least delay their arrival - if not prevent it completely. Hell, Santorum is so geographically challenged he never would have found the place. No such luck. He was already there before the weather hit.

Take solace good people of Colorado. This sudden influx of hot air - while foul-smelling - shall likely eradicate a considerable amount of the amassed snow, ice and other unpleasantness that Big Momma left behind. And better yet, once dawn breaks Wednesday, it shall take the unpleasant, overheated air with it. Well, at least until the Fall.

Hmmm, I bet in Colorado at least the rodent's prediction of six more weeks of Winter sounds pretty damn good right about now - all things considered.


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