Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Rush Into Spring

Hello February! Is it the unexpectedly warm, unseasonal weather that has been fearlessly forecasted for today that has me thinking that maybe, just maybe Spring might be today's object in the rear-view mirror? Perhaps. Well at least in part I suppose. But as the late, great Paul Harvey used to promise, there is of course "rest of the story".

Today at the user-friendly time of 5:00 a.m. (well, friendly I suppose of you are a user like me whose day starts well before the Sun has pulled Dawn's pants down far enough to reveal its ass crack) registration begins for the Spring Lake 5 Mile Run. The Spring Lake 5 is held annually on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It attracts 10,000 entrants. It probably has three to four times as many applicants. Last year, Gidg and I each ran in it for the first time. This morning we shall be certain to participate in the "early" registration. This morning's registration is designed to be open only to those runners who took part in last year's race. Registration to the world at large opens on Thursday morning. All 10,000 spots in the field will likely be filled by the time Commissioner Goodell hands Tom Coughlin the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night.

My law partner Arnold has made this event part of his summer for the past two-plus decades. Me? I am just a Spring Lake 5 neophyte but given how much I enjoyed it last year, I am going to make damn sure not to miss it this year. For all intents and purposes my summer running schedule starts today - calendar be damned! You best believe that brings a smile to my face.

Meanwhile, somewhere north of here Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart smile as well....

....and they are not even signing up to run.


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