Friday, February 17, 2012

People Are Strange

Random thoughts - in no particular order of importance - from one whose randomness underscores his acutely unimportant place in the Universe. What the hell. It is Friday after all.

I love sports. I have played a variety of them - both team and individual - for most of my life, although at present the only "organized" sport in which I participate is running. I have teams on the collegiate and professional level for which I root ardently. And there are sports, such as English Premier League Soccer, I enjoy watching even if I have no particular rooting interest in any one team. One sport of which I have never really been a fan is NBA basketball. As a kid I loved - as everyone with a pulse did - the almost-annual showdowns between Bird's Celtics and Magic's Lakers in the NBA Finals. But while I would watch every minute of those matchups from first game to last game, in the months that led up to the Finals I watched ZERO minutes of pro hoops. Simply not my thing.

This week however I have been drawn by the flame-like aura surrounding Jeremy Lin and the New York Knickerbockers. Whether he is living right now what shall be the apogeee of his professional basketball life or simply the extraordinary first act of what shall be an extended, brilliant career I would not pretend to know. With the Missus out and about Wednesday night, I spent a few minutes watching the Knicks dismantle the Sacramento Kings (oh how I miss the days when they too were a hyphenate as the Kansas City-Omaha Kings) in a game played at Madison Square Garden. It was damn entertaining. Lin was fun to watch. Moreover, so were his teammates. They moved up and down the court with an energy and enthusiasm that I for one tend to associate with college basketball and not the pro version. Kudos to them. And kudos as well to the always ignorant, always venomous Floyd Mayweather for showing off his digital dexterity this past week in his comments about Lin. Not everyone can type while his knuckles drag along the ground. Well done, Pretty Boy. What shall your next trick be I wonder? Pay your taxes? Go ninety days without assaulting a girlfriend? I will eagerly monitor your Twitter feed to see what singularly amazing feat you pull off as a sequel to this most recent one.

If Floyd Mayweather thinks Jeremy Lin is over-exposed, here is to hoping he never hones his attention in on Taylor Burnham. Life can be a pretty complicated affair. It is not always easy to know what to do - and what not to do. For you youngsters at home let me point out that some things are NOT all that difficult to figure out. Case in point. You never want to end up as the subject of a news report entitled, "NUDE COWGIRL LEADS POLICE ON CHASE" as young Ms. Burnham did earlier this week. According to one of the news items I saw on-line, when the police initially encountered her, Ms. Burnham was leaning up against her Jeep - naked save for her cowboy boots. It was that sight that caught the officers' attention but when the police approached her and asked if she was feeling okay, she hopped into her Jeep and drove off at 30 miles per hour. She made it 1.5 miles before crashing her car.

Two things come to mind reading of her exploits. First, I suppose that pursuing a naked suspect (right down to her cowboy boots anyway - Hooray for Texas!) must alleviate a police officer's concerns at least a little about searching for weapons and contraband. It should at least expedite the "pat down". Second, I hope her Jeep has cloth seats. No one needs a case of waffle ass on top of the indignity of being arrested while driving naked.

As a kid who subscribed to Sports Illustrated, this week's issue was always the one I looked forward to the most. See, when I was a boy the Giants were not in the Super Bowl - EVER - so I paid no particular attention to the Super Bowl recap issue of the magazine. But the following week? On the SI calendar, football season segued quite nicely into swimsuit season. Truth be told, it has been close to thirty years since my subscription to SI lapsed and it has been at least a quarter century since I purchased a copy of the SI Swimsuit issue at the newsstand. I do peruse the SI website, which is free to the public, on a daily basis. This week, the site has been awash in all things related to young Kate Upton and her band of Merry Mermaids. I suppose my question for anyone who actually stopped to purchase a copy of this issue at the newsstand is, "Why?" There is an old saw about the lack of logic associated with purchasing a cow when the farmer who owns it provides you with its milk for free. Whether that applies here is a determination you are better equipped to make for yourself than I am for you.

Final thoughts (or reasonable facsimiles thereof I suppose) and both of them deal with the amblings and ramblings of our Governor. I voted for the big fella the first time he ran. Being generally pleased with his work to date I anticipate voting for him if he runs for re-election. That being said, I really, really wish he would do two things and do them without further delay. First, stop wasting time and energy on a non-issue. Second, rethink his position on a legitimate, important issue and sign the legislation that will be sent to him by this time next week legalizing gay marriage here in the State of Concrete Gardens.

The Governor needs to ask simply, "WWJD", which stands for (of course) "What Would Josey [Wales] Do"? And we all know the answer to that question; right?

My work here is completed. Enjoy your day. And whether it is beautiful on this February Friday in your neck of the woods or not, spend a moment or two here and here and here. You will be happy you did.

I always am.


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