Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Not-Forgotten Giant

While I hope that by day's end the New York Giants have emerged victorious in this year's Super Bowl, I have it on good authority that whether they win or lose the sun shall indeed rise tomorrow in the East. How do I know? I have a groundhog on retainer and a red-headed prepubescent songstress staked to a pole in my backyard. Or is it the other way around? I know not. I am old now. I confuse easily.

The Giants are not the giants referred to in the title of today's piece. It was three years ago today that a truly good man with whom I had the pleasure of attending high school and being friends died. Stuart Solomon was but 41 years old. A true giant of a man with a heart to match. A heart that ironically - having been weakened by illness a couple of decades earlier - betrayed him.

Among his many attributes was his appreciation of the excellence of the Giants. Truth be told, when we were kids it was far more difficult to appreciate the Giants' excellence, considering how dreadful they were during the McVay and Arnsberger years. Fortunately in the late 1970's Phil Simms arrived. LT followed a couple of years later and by the mid-1980's the franchise's long-buried excellence was easily discernible.

Whether there is any significance at all to be drawn from the fact that Stu's Giants are playing for the Super Bowl title on the 3rd anniversary of his death I know not. The Patriots are an excellent team. They are led by a head coach and a quarterback who shall each have work commenced on their Hall of Fame busts within eleven seconds of announcing their retirement from the NFL. Perhaps in what is expected to be a tight, closely-contested contest the Giants will need a bit of magic or divine intervention to win. And perhaps, just perhaps, a certain Giant and his mojo will be there to provide it.

Is it possible to have a better wish on this Super Bowl Sunday?

They built the Titanic to be one of a kind,
but many ships have ruled the seas
They built the Eiffel tower to stand alone,
but they could build another, if they pleased
The Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Egypt are unique, I suppose,
but when the built you brother, they broke the mold

The world is filled with many wonders
under the passing sun
But sometimes something comes along
and you know, it's for sure the only one
The Mona Lisa, the David, the Sistine Chapel,
Jesus, Mary and Joe
and when they built you brother, they broke the mold

When they built you brother
they turned this dust to gold
When they built you brother
they broke the mold

They say you can't take it with you
but I think that they're wrong
All I know's I woke up this morning
and something big was gone
Gone in to that dark ether
Where you're still young n' hard and cold
Just like when they built you brother
and broke the mold

Now your death is upon us
And we'll return your ashes to the Earth
And I know you'll take comfort in knowin'
You've been roundly blessed and cursed
But love is a power
Greater than death
Just like the songs and stories told
And when she built you brother
She broke the mold

A bad attitude is a power stronger than death
Alive n' burnin' or stone cold
And when they built you brother ...


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