Friday, February 3, 2012

Just Repeating History

Considering that he does not know me, John Eddie's decision to bestow a present upon me at or near the marking of my day of birth was an extraordinary gesture. And it is one for which I am - and shall forever be - appreciative. The fact that the song serves as nothing less than my biography (with music to which you can tap your toe) makes his generosity all the more remarkable.

I am not - and have not been since I was a child - a birthday celebrant. I appreciate the fact that growing older is more palatable than the only possible alternative. I have no qualms with getting older either. Fortunately my hearing is failing at a speed equal to that with which the apparent arthritis in my knees is increasing so the ever-louder sounds akin to small arms fire as I get out of bed in the morning have no greater effect upon me presently than they ever have. I simply do not view this day as any particular cause for celebration.

Life is a constant push-and-pull between the image we constructed for ourselves in the theatre of our mind's eye when we were young and strong and full of hope and the image that confronts us in the bathroom mirror every morning. Some days the space between the illusion of us and the reality of us is easier to bridge than others. It is always there. Nothing shall change that fact. Not even all the candles, all the cakes and all the well-intentioned wishes in the world.


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