Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Incoming and Outgoing

When your children are no longer "children" but are full-fledged adults living out on their own going about their day-to-day in a manner similar to how you go about your own, you realize how much you miss the sound (a/k/a "noise") that was present in your home when they were there. It is perceptibly quieter at our home these days than it was prior to Suz's move to the land where the stars at night are big and bright. That is not intended as a jab at the "girl child". It is a statement of fact. There is one less human inhabiting the space than there was when Suz lived home. There are times when it is almost spookily quiet. Almost.

Suz called Margaret the other afternoon to tell her mother that she is coming home. No, not to stay. The Texas adventure is going swimmingly. But to visit. She shall be home for Mother's Day weekend. While the visit shall be brief - they always are - it has already had the effect on my wife of a B-12 shot. I noticed her Monday night eyeing the calendar on the side of the refrigerator and mentally speed-dialing her way through March and April just go get May here that much faster. Based upon the flight schedule that was communicated to me, I just might be the one who needs the B-12 shot simply to perform the airport pick-up.

It will seem like forever until it gets here and it will be over in an eye blink but in between there will be seventy-two glorious hours in which mother/daughter shall be together in one place. As I get older I appreciate more and more the notion of life's little victories....

....and the importance of the little things.


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