Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Beauty of Youth

If one lives long enough, then one invariably begins to channel one's parents in what one says or does. Among the observations that moves effortlessly from one generation to the next - much like a hand-me-down winter coat - is the one regarding to the presumed shortcomings/failings of young people. No matter the era represented by "today", since time immemorial people of a certain age have put forth endless lamentations over "kids today". Lest one think I am speaking in an accusatory tone from atop my soapbox, I am not. I am speaking in a knowing tone...face to face with my reflection in the mirror.

You might have missed it but last night at Bernards High School in Bernardsville, New Jersey, the young women who play basketball for Bernards High School and their counterparts from Watchung Hills High School did something extraordinary. The two squads used their game - a competitive endeavor - to promote a common cause: 5 year-old Campbell Hoyt who, at age five, is braving her second battle with cancer. What the youngsters from the two teams - and the adults from their respective schools - did is nothing short of remarkable. Remarkable not for the amount of money it shall raise but for the amount of good it did and shall do for all who were involved in it and who bore witness to it. Ryan Dunleavy wrote a terrific piece on it here earlier this week. Read it and try not to smile. Or to cry.

Kids today....indeed.


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