Friday, February 24, 2012

All Four One

A number of years ago - not too long after I commenced this daily exercise I received an e-mail from an old friend of mine. He had popped by here once or twice. Apparently on the first visit, he came across what I had written that day, which was sports-themed. On the second visit, it was something completely different. After that visit he sent me an e-mail in which he expressed regret that I did not write about sports every day. He told me that he would enjoy reading it more if I did. I wrote back that while I suppose him deriving enjoyment in reading what appeared here was important, it paled in comparison to my deriving enjoyment in writing what appeared here. I do not know if he has ever come back.

Today is all about Margaret and her three best girlfriends: Carolyn, Lynne and Gidg. Over the course of the past seven to ten days they have shared an experience that serves to remind us that a family's principal ingredient is love irrespective of whether they share DNA. Blood brothers....even on the distaff side.

Now I'm out here on this road,
alone on this road tonight.
I close my eyes and feel so many friends around me,
in the early evening light.
In the miles we have come,
in the battles won and lost,
are just so many roads travelled,
so many rivers crossed.

Now I ask God for the strength,
and faith in one another.
'cos it's a good night for a ride,
cross this river to the other side,
my blood brother...


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