Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Is What Will Be

Tip for anyone EVER seeking the Presidency of the United States. Do not do anything that makes you even remotely palatable to Yours truly. For as soon as you do and I make up my mind to support your candidacy, you are doomed to fail. My apologies therefore to former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and all of the fine people who worked hard on his campaign. In my defense, I thought I was helping. In hindsight, I am happy I did not order my Hunstman 2012 baseball cap. Where would I wear it now? I still have not worn my "Giuliani 2008" one.

However, I shall be certain to wear this Sunday that which I have worn the past two Sundays in support of the boys from Mara Tech and their march through the NFC playoffs. I know that the "experts" will tell you that the Giants' recent success is the result of (a) the seemingly always excellent play of Eli Manning; (b) their kinda, sorta rejuvenated running game; (c) their very much rejuvenated pass rush; and (d) the irrepressible Victor Cruz (a/k/a "The Salsa King"). While I suppose those four factors have contributed at least a bit to the ascent of the G Men, none of them is the difference maker. This is:

Go ahead and scoff. My magic t-shirt and I are used to dealing with detractors. People mock that which they cannot understand after all. The proof of its magic is irrefutable. I wore this shirt, which I received on New Year's Eve 2011 as part of my participation in the JSRC's Twilight Run in Asbury Park, for the first time on January 8, 2012. What happened on that day? The Giants won their first playoff game - opening kegs of whoop ass on the Atlanta Falcons 24-2. Big deal, says you. The Giants played at home and were favored to win. True, I say. But remember what else happened on January 8, 2012. I was rooting hard for the upstart Broncos and their prayers of an upset victory over the Steelers were answered. Why? The t-shirt of course. Still a skeptic? I did not wear it this past Saturday.

Sunday afternoon my magic t-shirt and I led the Giants onto the not-quite frozen tundra in Green Bay. Admittedly, we led the charge from the warmth of my den at home but our presence was felt nevertheless. How can I be sure? I can be sure because the team that was a 7.5 point underdog crushed the homestanding defending Super Bowl champs 37-20.

Thus, on Sunday the 22nd Magic T and I shall once again combine our considerable powers in support of Coach Coughlin's troops. If the Giants win on Sunday and then win the Super Bowl on February 5, then I shall put my lucky charm away for the duration of the winter....

....although I might test the depth of its power on one final occasion this calendar year. In the early spring perhaps.

Who among us could not use a little Magic....

I got shackles on my wrist
Soon I'll slip 'em and be gone
Chain me in a box in the river
And I'll rise singin' this song
Trust none of what you hear
And less of what you see
This is what will be, this is what will be


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