Sunday, January 15, 2012

Second Helpings

Like wind on the plains, sand through the glass
Waves rolling in with the tide
Dreams die hard and we watch them erode
But we cannot be denied....

For Christmas, Margaret bought me the coolest gadget I have ever had access to: a Garmin Forerunner 410. To date I have not figured out all of the great stuff it is able to do and candidly given the disparity between (a) its assortment of bells and whistles; and (b) my limited mental capacity it is reasonable to presume that I never shall. I have figured out however how to set it anew every time I want to use it so that instead of following a pre-set course, I simply go where I want to go. It is a feeling that can only fairly be described as liberating.

This week I shall begin in earnest the 16-week training program that is designed to prepare me for the 2012 New Jersey Marathon. This year's race shall be run on May 6th. The goal this year is what it was last year: 4 hours or less. It is a goal I missed by close to 30 minutes last year. I went to law school to stay away from hard math but even I recognize the fact that 30 minutes plus 12 months is not likely an equation for success.

Yet the pursuit begins anew. My brain tells me that my goal is not likely to be achieved. It is hard to fathom how an additional year's worth of age will help me in my quest. Logic dictates that it shall not. And yet my gut tells me I can....

....well to be 100% accurate, it tells me I might. And in the cold of January that is good enough. All you need to keep warm is a bit of fire inside.


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