Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Predictions and Other Annoying Sh*t

If you doubt just how quickly everything can change, search on-line for a copy of any of the 8,200 publications that five short months ago predicted that February's Super Bowl would pit the Eagles and the Jets against one another. This weekend there are a dozen NFL teams that shall begin play in the playoffs. Philadelphia is not among them and much to the surprise of Rex Ryan the Jets are not either. Hmmm....Good to keep in mind that while football is played on any number of different surfaces, paper is not one of them.

You are having a pretty good week when the thing that has you most tweaked is the manner in which the geniuses who run NCAA College Football and the BCS have sucked the marrow out of New Year's Day for fans of college pigskin everywhere. Well, at least from one fan in particular who bears a striking resemblance to the reflection I see every morning in the bathroom mirror.

I still do not know exactly what the "Ticket City" Bowl is or what the hell it did to earn a place as part of the New Year's Day lineup. Nor do I understand why it is the 4th of January and neither the Orange Bowl nor the Cotton Bowl has yet been played. And do not even get me started on the GoDaddy.Com Bowl or the BBVA Compass Bowl - not only wondering what the hell they are exactly but why it is they are played almost one week AFTER the Rose Bowl.

And this year, the interminably long college football season concludes on January 9th with a rematch of the epic field goal-a-thon that LSU and Alabama played in early November. Rah! Inasmuch as LSU won Round 1 at 'Bama, I think that 'Bama should have to beat the Tigers twice in order to win the title. I shudder at the thought of when exactly the NCAA would schedule the 3rd and deciding game to be played - President's Day weekend perhaps?

Best part of the Ticket City Bowl? Maxwell. Still bringing it in 2012.

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