Friday, January 20, 2012

The Never-Ending Story

The boys from Mara Tech are channeling their collective Horace Greeley this weekend - jetting West in the hope of striking a bit of gold in Northern California. Perhaps it is because I have developed the ability to blot from my memory those things that I found to be especially unpleasant but the name Trey Junkin had disappeared from my mind completely.

That was until I read this piece in the New York Daily News. Mere seconds before I started to read it, I had forgotten that the last time the Giants played the 49ers in San Francisco in the postseason had been in the Fassel Era. As soon as I started to read it, it all came rushing back.

Junkin is a terribly tormented man. In his mind, his life has been reduced to one moment. A moment that he cannot escape or erase. Sad stuff. I suppose it is of little consolation to him - and to the prison that he has built inside his own head - that at least one Giants fan (Yours truly) viewed the turning point of the game NOT as being Junkin's errant snap but rather Jeremy Shockey's drop of a certain touchdown pass from Kerry Collins, which served as the accelerant on the Giants' self-immolation as they turned a 24 point lead into a 39-38 defeat.

Unfortunately for Junkin what I think matters not at all. History exists in the mind of the teller and in Junkin's mind, his half-century of personal history, the things he has accomplished, the woman he has married and the children he has raised has been reduced to a few horrific seconds on a football field.

Every man plays the game. And for some, the game never ends....

....even long after the rest of the players have left the field.


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