Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Ever Disappointing Self

I made a bit of news around the office on Monday. In hindsight, nothing too spectacular to be sure. Actually even before my view of the scene shifted from present to past tense, I knew it was nothing too spectacular. Just an oddity I suppose.

I rolled into work Monday morning carrying with me not only my lunch and the stuff I had worked on at home over the weekend but with an uninvited "tagger on". I know not from whence it came but I was the proud owner of a cold/virus/whatever the hell one wants to call it that grabbed me by the ever-graying hair on my chinny chin chin and slapped the crap out of me. Whether that phrase is used literally or figuratively right there is left to your own fertile powers of imagination. It forced me to do something I never do. I left work shortly after noon and went home. I retired to the comfort and solace of my bed for the afternoon, trying to sleep the illness out of me.

While I went to bed Monday night and awakened yesterday morning feeling not much better than I did at midday Monday, I ceased acting like a blithering simp, put on my big boy pants and made it through the entire day at work. People get sick. I wholly grasp that concept. I have siblings who deal with more maladies, illnesses and injuries on a daily basis than any ten people should have to. When they are overcome by illness, which they are far less than one might reasonably expect or anticipate, their respites are well-earned. They have more than an air of legitimacy. Me? Mine had all the legitimacy of a Kardashian marriage.

The goal for me is not to "d-bag" out between this morning and week's end. Will I pull it off? It is only Wednesday. Check back on Friday.


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