Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indian Summer

Pitchers and catchers shall report to Major League spring training facilities throughout Florida and Arizona next month. It is an annual rite of winter is it not? The arrival of Summer's boys. If you are - as I am - a baseball fan the mere thought of spring training caused the corners of your mouth to curl upward a bit. If outside your window this morning you are looking at ground covered with snow, sleet or some other wintry bullshit, then yours is not sly smile. It is an ear to ear grin.

Among the "boys" who shall be camping this February is Jamie Moyer. Forty-nine years young and one full season removed from his most recent major league. Moyer's age might work against him but he has two qualities that big league teams love: smarts and a left arm. The soon-to-be half centurion southpaw just signed a contract with the Colorado Rockies. Moyer made his major league debut in 1986. The team whose camp he shall be in next month made its debut in 1993. It is not every player whose professional experience pre-dates that of the team for which he plays. Then again, Moyer is not "every" player.

When he pitched in Seattle a few seasons back, the media and his teammates called him "The Ancient Mariner". If he makes the Rockies, I wonder what kitschy, team-appropriate nickname his mates shall hang on him. I read somewhere that his goal is to pitch in the major leagues at age 50. He has - to date - 267 victories. While logic would dictate that he shall hang up his cleats at a win total somewhere south of 300, I for one am not inclined to bet against him making it.

Jamie Moyer - The Boy of The Endless Summer.


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