Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Geography and Other Mysteries of the Universe

"We’ve had three races,” Santorum said. “One was in Mitt Romney’s backyard state of New Hampshire. He has a home in New Hampshire and he has campaigned there for six years as governor of a neighboring state. Last night’s race in South Carolina was pretty much in Gingrich’s backyard where he staked his claim. There was one race (Iowa) in nobody’s backyard , one race where you had to go out a level playing field. We competed and we won that race. We’re going to go out and campaign all up and down the state of Florida.”

In a Santorum Administration a premium will not be placed on geography. The former Senator from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania himself revealing a startling lack of knowledge on the subject inasmuch as the geographic juxtaposition between Georgia and Florida appears to be classified information on which he has not yet been briefed. Perhaps at some point between this day and Inauguration Day 2013 he can hop a flight to Jacksonville, Florida and take the long, involved trip directly North on I-95 until he reaches Florida's northern neighbor....Georgia. He should be prepared to spend at least 45 minutes in the car. Florida is not - after all - in Georgia's backyard or anything.

From a man who is an ignorant tool to one who earned his living by donning the tools of ignorance. Today is the day that Jorge Posada formally announces his retirement. His retirement from professional baseball. His retirement from the Yankees - the only team for which he played. Posada was a hell of a Yankee. He was a cornerstone piece of a period in Yankees history that awakened the echoes of the dynasty teams of a bygone era. He shall be missed.

I for one am looking forward with eager anticipation to the day when Santorum gathers the media to announce his retirement from the race for the White House. Unlike Posada, he shall not be missed.


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