Sunday, January 29, 2012

Empty Spaces and Abandoned Places

Friday morning was "feeding frenzy" time in the New York/New Jersey portion of Springsteen Nation. Tickets went on sale throughout the morning for the two shows that Bruce and the E Streeters are going to do at the Izod Center (the Brendan Byrne Arena for us lifers), the two shows at Madison Square Garden and the one show at the Prudential Center in Newark prior to joining Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo on their European vacation this summer. And as to be expected whenever more people simultaneously attempt to purchase tickets for an event than there are available, Friday morning turned into a real sh*t show for the folks at Ticketmaster. If I had a dollar for every time Ticketmaster offered up an excuse/alibi/defense for managing to screw up the ticket-purchasing process, then let's just say that I would be comfortable sleeping through my alarm clock at least a couple of times a month.

Clearly, no one in charge of things at Ticketmaster puts much stock into Shakespeare's query, "What's in a name?" "Master" suggests some level of expertise has been achieved. "Mastur" on the other hand suggests that some level of something else altogether has been achieved. Perhaps their problem is not one of competence but one of spelling.

I made out better than some of my fellow die-hard fans. I was able to grab two GA (code for "you shall be standing and not sitting to watch this show") tickets for the Missus and me for the April 4 gig at the Izod Center. History has taught us that at some point in the late summer/early autumn the tour shall wind its way Stateside again and will likely take up residency in football-sized stadiums for multiple night stands from sea to shining sea. If it does, then I shall channel my inner insane person and once again try to navigate the Ticketmaster gauntlet to get tickets. While I hope that I have better success on that day than I did on Friday, whether I do or not the Republic shall stand. Life shall go on.... must the show.


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