Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Business as Usual

At some point yesterday, "the holiday season" officially ended. At first glance, one would surmise that it was when the Missus and I took down all of the Christmas decorations. Upon further review, it was when Rob and Jess said goodbye. The kids are jetting west to Colorado this morning, resuming their life and picking up their baby girl - Tillie. I look forward to hearing from them whether Tillie becomes a regular patron at Milo's Kitchen as her cousin Rosalita is.

I reckon that it will likely take until week's end before Christmas officially feels as if it occurred not a week ago but more like a lifetime ago. It seems to me as if in the practice of law a cessation of hostility is declared that begins at or about Thanksgiving and lasts throughout New Year's Day. Now? While I work hard to stay out of a great deal of the enmity that permeates my profession - and I suppose countless others - on occasion it can be difficult to do so. The fact that Christmas is juxtaposed against the dead of winter in these parts might have quite a lot to do with it. A season of tidings and joy is quickly supplanted by a season of relentless cold and (at least if the past couple of winters are any indication of winters to come) a ceaseless supply of snow.

My resolution for 2012? To try and maintain at least a tiny reservoir of the good feeling that dominated my day-to-day for the past thirty days or so for the next three hundred thirty days or so. If I can keep just a tiny bottle's worth or so chilled and at the ready to see me through, I should be just fine.

I only need a little bit. I learned a long time ago that the best things come in small packages....


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