Monday, December 26, 2011


At some point today - about a dozen hours or so from now - Suz and Ryan will board the plane that will take them home. I use the lower case 'h' not only to remain on the good side of the grammar police but to cast my protest vote. Nice to draw a distinction between home and Home.

Nicer still that Suz came home looking terrific and sounding completely at ease not only with the new gig but with her new hometown. When the birds leave the nest you never know how they are going to fare on their own. So far, so good. The distance between you and them gets shortened somehow when you know that they are well-settled where they are.

Tomorrow shall be a return to normalcy for me. Today I am milking a bit more out of the holiday weekend. I suppose that somewhere - Canada for instance - today is in fact a holiday. Good enough for me. Once upon a lifetime ago I consumed enough Molson and Labatt's beer to have earned honorary Canadian citizenship. Even if that would not be enough in and of itself that fact, coupled with my appraeciation for the music of RUSH and my love of ice hockey, is enough to earn me another "free from work" day. I intend to enjoy it.

I do not know about everyday but today, at least, can be Boxing Day.


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